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Most of us are already aware of the use of cryptocurrencies online for several years now. The main reasons for using these digital currencies are to invest or to trade with other investors for profits so that we can purchase more cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, we can also convert the coins into currencies and transfer to our bank accounts. 

So, now we can travel with ease without worrying about carrying sufficient amount of cash with us. 

Now, let us look at the top 4 types of cryptocurrencies of 2022 that are mainly used for online trading:

  • Robinhood: This is one of the best options for buying cryptocurrencies online. Moreover, you do not need to pay any commission rates while you are trading and even stock exchanges as well. This app will make your experience with trading fruitful, even the users with full featured apps will get disappointed.
  • Webull: Although this app is less known than the app mentioned above, it provides some interesting offers regarding trading online. Although you do not need to pay any commission on trading with crypto, it does charge for spread markup of 100 basis points.
  • TradeStation: The traders and the investors will get a variety of options for trading including Bitcoins. It charges commission based on your account balance with the dealer or whether your order is directly marketed. You also have the option of buying and selling bitcoin futures.
  • Coinbase: This app allows you to trade digital currencies like Bitcoins or Solana. You will also have access to more than 100 different types of cryptocurrencies. It charges a speed markup amount and adds a transactional fees depending upon the size of the transaction and the source of the funds.

There are many other platforms for online trading apart from those mentioned above. 

But yes, look out for the scammed or the false cryptocurrency platforms that does not have enough information or traders on them.

Buy or sell from those platforms that have thousands of buyers and sellers on them. For example, you can buy bitcoin in Sydney, Australia as it has the maximum number of investors. Furthermore, you can also transfer the currencies to your bank account and withdraw from crypto atm Sydney, Australia.

In conclusion, cryptocurrencies are the world’s most successful way of raising the economy of a country or a person.

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